73rd May 6, 2019 Saint George Alumni Banquet at The White Eagle in Niles  


Register ONLINE at www.saintgeorgehs.com or clip and mail to:

Saint George Alumni Association, Christian Brothers, 7650 S. County Line Road, Burr Ridge, IL 60527

Name: Year of Graduation:

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Enclosed is my check for $ to be distributed in the following manner:

$ tickets to the 2019 St. George Banquet (1 ticket for $65, 2 tickets for $120)

Guest(s) Name(s):

$ tickets for a Brother/volunteer to attend the event or general event support Brother’s Name:

$ Max Burnell/St. Patrick High School Scholarship Fund

$ Additional gift to support the work of the Christian Brothers

Please make all checks payable to the Christian Brothers of the Midwest


72nd Saint George Alumni Banquet at The White Eagle in Niles  


May 19, 2018


 CONGRATULATIONS, ONE AND ALL!   Our January 19th goal - 335 Banquet tickets purchased for our Monday, May 7th Gathering - was exceeded (at 344) by 9 while surpassing our 2017 Banquet ticket acquisition (at 343) by 1!

 All of us contributing to our successful Banquet ticket acquisition this spring have every reason to be proud of our efforts.  We know of 110 Dragons meeting their Creator since our Monday, May 1, 2017 Banquet.  That sobering fact coupled with (since 1969) a 47-year absence in adding to our alumni base makes our 2018 Banquet attendance accomplishment commendable.  


 Including pre- and at-the-door ticket sales Monday, May 7th, please note here your class’s 2018 Alumni Banquet ticket acquisition:   Class Captain-led 1946: 7;  1949: 9;  1950: 8;  1951: 9;  1952: 0;  1954: 3;  1955: 14;  1956: 16;  1957: 8;  1958: 47;  1959: 5;  1960: 8;  1961: 14;  1962: 5;  1963: 18;  1964: 13;  1965: 9;  1966: 13;  1967: 7;  1968: 85;  1969: 21

 Non-Class-Captain class tallies:  1938: 1;  1948: 2;  1953: 11;  1970: 4

 Available since Friday, May 11th, you and/or your graduation buddies should be interested in online photo viewings of the Banquet.  If so, try http://www.cbmidwest.smugmug.com – with photo-purchasing help offered by Alex Vasiliades (at 1-630-323-3725, Extension 221).

 Special thanks to Class Captain Rene Pelletier ’65 for his on-going website updating, at http://www.saintgeorgehs.com/

 Over our ten-week Banquet class recruitment effort, our five bi-weekly Class Captain Updates, Banquet ticket distribution, White Eagle contacts, and countless Event details could not have been better handled by Joanna Wagner, Assistant Director of Development for the Midwest District Christian Brothers, and my wife Jane.   Fantastic work, Joanna and Darling!

 With most of you “veteran” Class Captains, you’ve already received – as a small token of the Association’s and my appreciation for your efforts– your limited-edition Saint George Lapel Pin.  Do let me know – by the internet (at pauljquinn@att.net) or a phone call (at 1-7732-784-3328) – if there’s someone recently helpful to you with your Banquet class recruitment deserving of a Dragon Lapel Pin.

 Typically, we end a Dragon Alumni Banquet Season with yours truly offering you - on my dime - lunch at the Union League Club or dinner at the Clark Street Calo Ristorante.

 With the ever-increasing tuition challenging more Shamrock families each school year - the minimum 2018-2019 school year tuition cost is $12,470 - I'm diverting a Union League Club/Calo expenditure to our Alumni Association Scholarship Fund.

 Might I suggest you also consider an additional donation (beyond the dwindling percentage of your $65.00 Banquet ticket cost) to the Scholarship Fund, with Joanna (at 1-630-323-3725, Extension 220) assisting you?

 With the maintenance of a strong Banquet ticket acquisition critical to our continued success with our perennial, first-Monday-in-May Gathering, I sincerely thank you for your help and wish you

 Only the best!

 Paul Quinn '66

SGHS Alumni Banquet Chair   




71st Annual Banquet

(Class of 1967 50th Reunion)

Bag Pipes Conduct Opening Ceremonies.

President Ron Steigerwald '61 Br. Tom Hetland


67' Alumni Class Gift to the Brothers $12,475

Man of the Year Dan Schmitt.

Many Thanks to Paul Quinn 66' for all his hard work and coordination efforts in making another banquet a success.

Paul Quinn, Br. Tom Hetland & Alumni Director Rob Cummings.

Photos of the 71st banquet are available on-line.

70th Annual Banquet

(Class of 1966 50th Reunion)



President Ron Steigerwald address the banquet attendees

This years Banquet attendance, 353

The '66 Class Gift was $10,025.00

Don Geist of the '66 Reunion Committee and Br. Tom Hetland accepted the Class Gift on behalf for the Retired Christian Brothers.

Dennis O'Malley class of '56, presents to Br. Hetland class donation of $13,705.00

This years total donations to the Brothers was $23,730.00

The Class of 1966 Man of the Year award presented by Don Geist to Don Conway


Paul Quinn 66' who has successfully coordinated and overseen the alumni banquet for as long as it has been around.

A Big Thanks and Appreciation to Paul and his wife Jane for all  their hard work.


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